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 World Champion Fischer

 9/2/2004 - I picked this CD up a few months back from It cost 30 bucks. It's a great CD about Bobby Fischer, the 11th World Champion. It contains over 1000 official games, including simuls, played by Fischer spanning over 5 decades. Many of the important games are annotated. It also covers the 1992 match in Yugoslavia. Huebner goes over every game of Bobby's "MY 60 Memorable Games" book. There are descriptions and some pictures of every tournament and match that Bobby ever played. GM Robert Huebner gives an assessment of Bobby's playing style. There are several video clips of Bobby. One clip lasting 1.5 minutes, which I think is worth the price of admission, has Bobby sitting on a bench discussing his career. I think it is just prior to his match with Spassky in 1972. Bobby confidently states: " Spassky's afraid of me, I'm not afraid of him." If you want to learn about Bobby's incredible chess career, this is a great place to start. I give this CD 5 out of 5 stars.

 September 1 of 2004 was the 32 anniversary of Bobby becoming the 11th World Champion.  On this date, Boris Spassky resigned the  decisive 21st game of that match. Ali said it best when he won the title from Sonny Liston in 1964. "I'm a Baaaad man , I shook up the world, I shook up the world." Bobby Fischer also shook up the world, Bobby was a baaaaad man at the chess board. Bobby had an incredible run to win the world championship. He won 20 high Level Gm games in a row. The streak Started at the Palma De Mallorca Interzonal tournament, where Bobby won the last 7 games. Then he had an incredible match run, winning 6-0 against Mark Taimanov in the quarterfinal candidate match. In the semifinal candidate match Bobby went on to shut out Bent Larsen by the same score of 6-0. In the final candidate match, Bobby  went on to defeat the ex World Champion Tigran Petrosian by a score of 6.5 - 2.5. This led to the final showdown against the 10th World Champion Boris Spassky. Bobby, after a disastrous start, dispatched Boris and took the world title by a score of 12.5-7.5. No other chess match has ever captivated the public's interest like the 1972 match. 


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