Who is Hangin??

Name? Hangin
Date of Birth? 1961
Place of Birth?
Brooklyn, NY
Place of residence?
Current Rating?
1800+ ICC rated - www.chessclub.com
Current position in the world rankings?
I am not too low on the chess food chain, but low enough to make sure there is cover close by. There are a lot of crocodiles out there.
What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite kind of food? 
I like Famous Dave's Chili
What's your favorite drink?
Miller lite from the keg
Who is your favorite writer?
Michael Beschloss - I liked his books on LBJ
What was the best or most interesting book you ever read? 
Nixon's memoirs
What is your favorite all-time movie?
God Father
Who is your favorite actor?
John Wayne
Who is your favorite actress?
Anne Archer
What music do you prefer to listen to?
I like Rock
What is your Favorite music album? The best of Hot Tuna
Do you have a favorite painter or artist?
Which is the best chess game you ever saw?
Viswanathan Anand vs. Teimour Radjabov  Dortmund 2003. Radjabov makes a great queen sacrifice, which did not lead to an immediate mating attack.
Follow the Chess Fm link to Michael Rhoade's interesting analysis of this game.
Is there a chess book that had a profound impact on me?
None have had a profound impact, but that's my fault. But my favorite chess books are Simple Chess by Stean and Persona non Grata by Victor Kortchnoi and Lenny Cavallaro.
Best Game I ever played?
I recall a nice postal game I played in the early 1980's against Charles Cheng. I had the white side of a French defense. I wasn't too happy about my pawn structure, it got busted up. But I realized what a great attacking game I had. I put my rooks on the two half open files. My knight had a great outpost. Charles only lasted a few weeks. Here is one of my most recent wins on ICC. It's a nice attacking game. I had blown the first game. So I was eager for revenge. I got it too. I busted open his castled king position by sacrificing a knight.
My best results ever?
In the early 1990's, I won a Sunday Somerset, NJ quad. It was a 4 player tournament. I won the first two games and locked up first place. In the final game, I was 2-0 and my opponent was 0-2. He had lost to the two players I beat. In our game, I started hanging pieces left and right. I lost very quickly. But I did take home the trophy.
Who is my Favorite player of all time?
Victor Kortchnoi. I admire his courage and fighting spirit.
What is it that you appreciate most in a person?
Who would you like to be?
FIDE President Florencio Campomanes  
Why? I would have done some things differently. I would have prevented the 1993 split of the Chess World Championship.
Your best character trait?
my integrity
Your worst character trait?
 Sometimes I am too analytical and I should think more before speaking. I should think about people's feeling first before speaking.
Do your have a dream?
Yes, a return to the world championship process that FIDE perfected in the mid 1960's thru 1993. 
Your greatest fear?
That we are seeing the end of the true chess world champions. 
Do you believe in the future of chess?
Of course, chess will be here until the electrons stop spinning. I like following professional chess. I also enjoy playing chess.
Does chess make you happy?
Only when I win or when I learn something about the game.
Is chess or a form of the game played in other Galaxies?
yes, I think chess is universal. It's basic to intelligent life. All we have is the chess board, 32 pieces, and the truth.
Is chess a sport, an art, or a science?
Chess is all of those and a lot more. There are great lessons about life to be learned by understanding this great game.
Who is the current world champion?
Vladimir Kramnik is the 14th chess world champion. We have to  back the rich tradition of the man who beat the man who beat the man contests. Vladimir defeated a great champion in 2000.
If you could cover any chess event past or present what would it be?
I would want to cover a world championship match. Much has been written about Spassky and Fischer and all the other matches since. Unfortunately not much has been written about the 1927 world championship match. So I would want to cover the 1927 match between Capablanca and Alekhine.
 How is it hangin? It's hangin until the last "G" drops.
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