2005 Queening Award
IM Alex Lenderman

1/2006 - In July 2005, Belfort, France,  Alexander won the U16 section of the World Youth Championship with an incredible 9 out of 11 score. Alex won 8  and drew two games against the best under-16 players in the world. At the time of this reporting, Alex has a 2431 FIDE rating. Alex says his chess style resembles that of GM Alexander Morozevich and GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. WHOA NELLY !!!!

 During the fourth of July, in the Philadelphia World Open, Alex scored an incredible 6 out of 9, with three wins.

   Alex Lenderman originally hails from Russia and has lived in the United States for 11 years now.  Following his Grandfather's advice, Alex tries to treat every game as if it's his first and last. It always keeps him motivated and energized. Besides chess, Alex is a big fan of the New York Yankees and a very busy student.

   In the October issue, 2005, Alex made the cover of Chess Life. They did a feature story on Alex, who was interviews by chess coach Aviv Friedman.
   In March of 2005, Alex finished 13th thru 19th place in the open section at Foxwoods. He won 6 games and lost 3. His losses came at the hands of three top US Gms, namely GM Gregory Kaidanov, GM Sergey Kudrin, and GM  Alex Stripunsky.

  Alex has qualified for the 2006 US Championship. which will be held this March.


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