2004 Trailblazer 
Gm Maurice Ashley
and the HB Foundation

     This is Ashley's 2nd White Knight award. In 2003 he won the international Trailblazer award for his no draw before 40 moves tournament. This year Ashley established himself as a top chess organizer. Ashley and his generations chess organization has teamed up with the HB foundation. They have raised an incredible 500k for a chess tournament to be played in May of  2005 in Minnesota. Generation Chess also sponsors the exciting, weekly New York Masters Tournaments.
   Generation's Chess Mission statement says it all.
 "It is the mission of Generation Chess to excite the fans. By organizing exceptional competitions that both professionals and amateurs will enjoy, Generation Chess seeks to enhance the prestige of the game's top players while simultaneously staging highly anticipated events for the serious and casual enthusiast. With our total focus on creating fan-pleasing contests, Generation Chess plans to be on the cutting edge of chess entertainment for years to come."

Maurice Ashley, CEO

Ashley's first 2003 White Knight

Maurice Ashley - Chess Reporter

2003 Trailblazer award