2004 Back to the Future Award

GM Susan Polgar

     In 1996 Susan Polgar became the women's world champion by defeating then World Champion Xie Jun by a score of  8.5 - 4.5. Susan has played in 5 Olympiads. She has won 10 medals: 5 gold, 4 silver and one bronze. She's played 56 Olympiad games without a single loss. Susan is the only world champion to win the triple crown. She won the blitz, rapid and classical world championships. Susan retired from competitive chess 7 years ago. She decided to devote herself to raising a family and teaching young people the joys of this royal game.

     In 2004 this ex women's world champion showed the world that she lost nothing from her game.  Susan staged an incredible comeback this year. Susan drew a 6 game match with the Ex World Champion Anatoly Karpov.  Susan also led the way for the US Women's Olympiad team. Susan won a Silver medal for first board with an incredible 10.5 out of 14 points. Susan even played against her beloved Hungry. She took home the full point in that game. Thanks to Susan and the rest of the  team, the US Women brought home the silver medal.   Susan also writes a monthly Opening secrets column for Chess Life. She also does a column for Chess Cafe.

     In August the Susan Polgar Foundation sponsored the Susan Polgar National Invitation for girls tournament.  This tournament was created for young girls to have an opportunity to complete in strong level completion in a comfortable environment. The winner of this tournament will receive a 40k scholarship to attend the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). After six tough rounds, WFM Roza Eynullayeva, ICC's Azerigirl  finished first with a 5.5 out of 6 points. (Hangin hopes she gets her account renewed, which expired on 12/4/2004).
  This reporter would love to see Susan playing at next year's US Championship. 

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to play against her beloved Hungry
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Susan also won the 2004 US White Knight True Grit Award for being part of the US women's Olympiad team
Susan Polgar vs. Maia Chiburdanidze - 2004 Olympiad at Calvia - Two former world champions slug it out.
Almira Skripchenko vs. Susan Polgar - 2004 Olympiad at Calvia.
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2003 Back to the Future Award