2004 Dark Horse Award

WGM Anna Zatonskih

    This is the 2nd white knight award that Anna will win this year. Anna had an incredible 2004 Olympiad. She was part of the silver medal winning US Women's Olympiad team.  At the Calvia Olympiad, Anna scored an excellent 9.5 out of 14 points. 

    Then just few weeks later, she had a great run at the US Championship in San Diego. Anna showed she can play with the big boys, by defeating Mr. 3-time US Champion GM Alexander Shabalov. Anna, with the black pieces, stunned the defending US Men's Champion in the first round. In round 6 Anna then went on to defeat Mr. Six Time US Men's Champion GM Walter Browne. Anna finished out of the top positions, but she had a very tough draw. Anna had to face 7 tough GM's. She scored 3.5 points out of 7 against the men. She drew with GM Nick Defirmian, GM Alexander Wojtkiewicz, and GM Alexander Ivanov. Anna lost to GM Gregory Serper and Gm Alexander Onischuk. Anna started out strong, but faded in the end due to the tough competition she faced. Also Anna came straight from the 2004 Olympiad at Calvia. 

     Anna showed that she is a force to be reckoned with. Anna Debunks the myth that "Girls just want to have fun."  Anna also finished 1 point from first place at the 2004 Reykjavik Open. Anna came in 19th place of the 77 opponents. Anna also finished 1.5  points out of the lead at the 32 World Open. She finished 34th out of 234. She had 4 wins, 1 loss, and 4 draws.

 This reporter would love to see Anna take home the first prize at the next US Championship. 


Women hear me ROAR - here is Anna win of Mr-3time US Champion Alexander Shabalov.
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Anna Zatonskih - Chess Reporter

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