2003 Trailblazer Award

WGM Jennifer Shahade
and IM Irina Krush

       This past summer, Jennifer and Irina played a 2 two game match at a Chelsea art gallery in New York City.  Irina wore a white Betty Boop wig with a white gown. Jennifer wore a black Betty Boop wig with a black gown. The two former US Woman's Champions fought it out in  two rapid match games.  Both games were decisive and the match was drawn. 

     This was a great example of Art performing Art. Chess is science, art  and sport combined.  I have always felt that the best way to promote this game is to make it part of an intellectual meal.  I would like to see more Live Piece chess matches at a minor league ball park. You open up with a concert and then have a live piece chess match and close with a scientific discussion about the universe. Both Chess and the Universe have something in common, they are both infinite. Chess will be around until the electrons stop spinning.

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game one - Krush vs. Shahade

game two - Shahade vs. Krush

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