2003 Dark Horse Award

Dark Horse Award

WGM Anna Hahn

    Anna hails from Latvia. Anna won the Latvian Woman's Championship in 1992   At the 2003  US Championships,  Anna came out of the pack and won two late round games to pull even with the two former US Champions, Jennifer Shahade and Irina Krush.  Anna defeated WFM Laura Ross  in round 8 and her victory over  WIM Elina Groberman in round 9  catapulted her to tie for first place.  This let to the blitz showdown between the top 3 women players.  Anna's nerves of steel ruled the day. Anna defeated both Jennifer Shahade and Irina Krush in an exciting blitz playoff.

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 Anna Hahn - Chess Reporter


Here is a game from the blitz showdown

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