Ponomariov's open letter dated 4/27/2004

Open Letter from FIDE World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov From Chess Today www.chesstoday.net issue CT-118(1267)

We received yet another letter from

GM Ponomariov. While it was addressed to ACP members, the message came with the subject 'open letter', so I guess it's OK to publish it.

"Dear colleagues,
I consider FIDE's decisions to cancel the match in Yalta and about the format of the World Championship in Libya (where Kasparov gets preferred treatment) illegal and in contradiction to the decisions of the FIDE General Assembly in Bled, and with all sporting and Olympic principles. The legal procedure in this case is as follows: to cancel these decisions by applying to the International Olympic Committee and to the Sports Court of Arbitration in Lausanne. However I realise that this is a lengthy procedure and that it won't help improve the image of chess. I suggest that we revise the Prague agreements, because currently we don't have a distinct scheme for determining the unified World Champion. If we follow the existing scheme worked out by FIDE, then we will only have a new champion in two or three years. I suggest a compromise settlement: to arrange a match-tournament to determine the absolute champion, like it was in 1948, with the participation of Ponomariov, Kasparov, Kramnik, Leko, Anand and the winners of the Libya tournament. The approximate dates would be December 2004 January 2005.

Respectfully yours,

Ruslan Ponomariov."