Peter Svidler on San Luis

9/8/2005 -  Peter Svidler gave a recent interview on the up coming championship tournament in San Luis. He answered the same ten questions that his competitors answered. He said this tournament would be a tough mental test. He is preparing mostly mentally for his toughest tournament. 

    I found it curious that he said that Anand was historically his toughest opponent. In fact he missed at least two other opponents that have given him a tough time historically and recently. Svidler does not have impressive records against Judith Polgar or Alexander Morozevich, historically or recently. Svidler also dropped two games against Topalov this year as well. This year against Polgar, Morozevich and Topalov, Svidler has zero wins, 4 losses and 4 draws.

   I think it is very important to identify all the players who give you a tough time at the board. You must prepare specifically for them. I think Svidler has not done this.  I donít agree with his preparation for this match. Boris Spassky didnít prepare enough for his match with Bobby Fischer in 1972. Boris felt that fresh air, tennis and a little chess would help clear his mind so he could concentrate his full attention to the game and defeat his challenger. We all know this strategy backfired when Fischer crushed Spassky. 

   Svidler made the same mistake as Leko by making Anand, Topalov and Leko the favorites to win the tournament. Rated 7th in the world, Peter Svidler is coming off of a successful defense of his 960 chess title. I would have figured that the current 960 chess champion and a 3-time winner of the Russian championship would have more confidence in his abilities. At other major tournaments this year, Svidler finished at the bottom quarter of Corus. He was in the middle of the pack at Amber and finished 4th at Dortmund.

   In order to win this tough tournament, you need talent, hard chess preparation, confidence, and momentum. I think Peter Svidler has only two of these qualities going into this championship tournament.  I believe Peter Svidler road thru San Luis will go through Polgar, Topalov and Morozevich.

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