Morozevich on San Luis

9/19/2005 -

The 14th rank player in the world, Alexander Morozevich made some very revealing comments in his interview on San Luis. All players need to know who there nemesis is. For Morozevich it is Peter Leko.

   In August, Morozevich took the Moscow blitz tournament. Morozevich has established himself as one of the best rapid/blitz players in the world.  In 2005 he finished 2nd behind Anand at Amber combined.

    However at Corus, where classical time controls were used, Morozevich took too many risks and finished in 2nd to last place. Morozevich says his method of preparation have not helped him. He feels he doesn’t  have much hope.  I find that a very revealing and disturbing comment. At this point you are either prepared or not prepared. Morozevich does not appear to be confident. If this is so, he will be preyed upon by the other 7 players in this tournament.
    Morozevich is relying on stamina, charisma and luck to take this tournament.  Charisma might be a good weapon for rapid chess, but not for classical chess against well-booked, elite opponents.  Morozevich tried that in Corus and failed miserably.   This could be a very long tournament for Morozevich. 


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