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9/5/2005 - I got a press release from Kramnik's manager Carsten Hensel. Kramnik must be feeling left out. He declined to play in the FIDE world championship tournament in San Luis. Recently Kramnik expressed a willingness to  play the winner of San Luis. Such a match would unify the chess world. However, based on the Anand interview by Fred Wilson on ChessFm, this may not be up to the players competing at San Luis. This decision might be up to FIDE. IF that is the case, then we will proabably not see the winner of San Luis play Kramnik. I am wondering if Kramnik now regrets not giving Garry Kasparov a rematch. A few years back Kramnik said he had a two million dollar match with Kasparov any time he wanted.  If the winner of San Luis does not play Kramnik, who will?  Because of his recent poor form, Kramnik is not in the driver's seat. In order to get back into the driver's seat, Kramnik must break out of his horrible slump.

Online simultaneous display with Classic Chess World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik

Chess21 team - 19/08/2005




GM Kramnik

Event: Online simultaneous display with World Champion Vladimir Kramnik

Venue: Vladimir will play from the NAO Chess Club, Paris (France)

Date: Thursday, September 15th 2005 at 18:00 h. (+1 GMT)

Opponents: 8 players. Open to all observers.

Time control: 60/30 (Kramnik) , 20/30 (opponents).

VIP registration: Special VIP Events



Dear chessfriends:

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that next Thursday, September 15th at 18:00 h. (+1 GMT) an incredible event will be held at in Chess21 The Classical Chess World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik, will play an eight-board (8) live online simultaneous display. Any Chess21 VIP Member can apply for participation. Four (4) places in the simul will be raffled among the pre-registered members.

After the simul exhibition, GM Miguel Illescas –Kramnik’s personal assistant at the NAO Chess Club in Paris- will chair a debate between Kramnik and Chess21 Members. Questions can be asked through a special Forum named: "Ask your question to World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik".

Although participation is restricted (only VIP allowed), the event can be followed by all Chess21 Members. You only need to download and install the Software VIP 5.21 beta3.

Finally, we want to thank NAO Chess Club - and specially Jaume Solé - for his kindness and interest offering Vladimir Kramnik and Miguel Illescas the playing facilities.

We hope you enjoy the event!

Chess21 Internet Chess Club

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