Keys to Victory
Leko vs. Adams

Keys to victory



match experience


Both players have match experience, Adams has played in some interesting matches. He lost to Anand and Gelfand in 1994 candidate matches. He did defeat Tiviakov in a close match back in 1994..Adams also has FIDE KO match experience. He ousted Kramnik in the 1999 KO, but was finally ousted by Akopian in the semifinal. In the 2000 FIDE KO, Adams was ousted in the semifinal match against Anand. In 2004 Adams lost the final KO match against Kasimdzhanov. Peter Leko does not have as much match experience, but he made up for it in the 2004 world championship match against Vladimir Kramnik. Leko came with in one game of becoming the 15th world champion. He took the lead in the match with his heroic game 8 effort. A game that could go down as the greatest world championship game every played. Leko did not become a champion, but he drew a match with the champion.  Even though Adams has played more matches, he has always fell a little short, he has come close many times, but always seems to fall short. Leko can be bolstered by his successful drawn match with Kramnik.

Difficulty being defeated


Both players are tough to defeat, but Leko is as solid as they come. Both players have defeated Kramnik and Anand in the past year. At tough tournaments in Linares and Corus.. Leko never suffered a loss. At Linares he drew all his games. At Corus, Leko won in grand style by defeating Anand Adams has suffered defeats this year, he was unable to handle Topalov and Kasparov at Linares. .Adams also had trouble with Anand at Corus. However in rapid match play, Leko has been beaten. He has lost to Anand and Shirov at Amber rapids.

Better Chess Knowledge


Leko probably has the best theoretical knowledge in the world. Adams realize more on his natural talents. But for a rapid match, natural talent could rule the day.

Head to head match ups


According to Adams leads the head to head match up with 7 wins, 5 loses and 23 draws. But since 2000, Leko holds the edge with 2 wins and 13 draws and no loses. Not included in this total was a Fischer random match.  Back in 2001 Peter Leko defeated Michael Adams for the Fischer Random world championship by a score of 5-3.

Match preparation


Leko is won of the best prepared opening players in the world. However in a rapid match, he might not want to use his opening secrets and would want to save them for classical matches. Match preparation might not be a factor.

Current playing trends


Both players have had successful 2004's. Adams all most won the 2004 FIDE  KO. He also had solid Corus and Linares tournaments, only losing to Topalov, Anand, and Kasparov. Recently Adams had a tough time in Sofia, He finished last by  losing to Topalov, Polgar and Anand. Leko also had a great 2004, he finished strong by drawing Kramnik in the 2004 world championship. Leko took Corus in grand style, but he also has cooled off and drew all his games at Linares. Leko finished in 4th at the Amber combined tournament.  

Player psychology - wild card


In a rapid match, I have got to favor the player who relies more on his natural talents. Plus in a rapid match, anything can happen in a time scramble. Opening knowledge might not be too important a factor in a rapid match. Leko might have trouble in a time scramble, he might not be able to play as solidly as he wants to.

Home field Advantage


The match is being played in Miskolc, Hungry. Peter Leko also hails from Hungry.

Who is going to  win


Leko inability to play up to his high solid standards in a rapid match will have an adverse psychological impact. Adams with his natural talent and his overall head to head match up will rule the day. Adams wins 5-3.