Karjakin makes history today 7/27/2004

 Sergey Karjakin defeated World Champion Vladimir Kramnik in a blitz Playoff at Dortmund today. Sergey is 14 years old and is rated 2580. He hasn't cracked the top 100 in the rating chart, however he might just be the youngest player in the world to defeat a sitting world champion. Karjakin with the white pieces gave Kramnik hell today and finally ground down the world champion. Sergey was able to do what the top players in group 2 were not able to do. He cracked Kramnik's Berlin Wall.
    Peter Leko went up against Kramnik's wall and was unable to even put a dent in it. Poor Victor Bologan tried to take it on, only to have it fall on top of him. It cost him a full point. Kramnik got lucky the other day against Karjakin and narrowly escaped with a draw. Things were different today, Sergey ground Kramnik down in a bishop of opposite color endgame with a pair of rooks on the board.  Kramnik took immediate revenge on poor Victor Bologan. The mark of a true World Champion. This is a major victory for Sergey. He has outplayed the sitting world champion in two games in this tournament. This tells us much about his character. I think he will be a world champion some day.

     Bobby Fischer did not beat a sitting world champion until game 3 of the 1972 world championship. Bobby was 29 at the time he defeated World Champion Boris Spassky. Garry Kasparov did not defeat a sitting world champion until game 32 of  his world championship match in 1984. Garry Kasparov was 21 years old when he defeated World Champion Anatoly Karpov. Kramnik's first victory over a sitting world champion, occurred in 1994 in Moscow. Kramnik defeat World Champion Garry Kasparov. 

    Even though Sergey's victory  was in a blitz game, this is a major event. Congratulations to Sergey for a job well done. This was no cheap victory. He out played the champion in two games, finally winning one of them. This shows you that hard work does pay off. Sergey ground down an world champion, who is also an expert endgame player. David Howell was the youngest player ever to draw a sitting world champion.


 Karjakin vs. Kramnik - Dortmund 2004, playoff - Sergey grounds down the champion.

 Karjakin vs. Kramnik - Dortmund round 4 - The close call 
 Kramnik vs. Karjakin - Dortmund playoff  - Kramnik wins 

 Kramnik vs. Bologan - Dortmund playoff - Kramnik takes revenge

 Bobby Fischer's first win against a sitting world champion.

 Garry Kasparov's first win against a sitting world champion.

 Vladimir Kramnik's first win against a sitting world champion.