I'm Spartacus 

 Here is a nice Letter from Boris Spassky to President Bush. Spassky is willing to go to jail with Bobby Fischer. Bobby has no greater friend in the world than Boris. Bobby owes Boris his title. If it wasn't for Spassky's great sportsmanship, Bobby and the rest of the world would have missed out on a great world championship match. No match in the history of the game has had a greater impact on the world. During and after the match, you could not even buy a chess set in New York City.  Millions of new fans were introduced to the game, I was one of them. 

 Here is my own letter to President Bush:

Dear President Bush,

  If you should decide to put both Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky and a chess board  in the same jail cell, then I would also like to be put in an adjacent jail cell, so I can observe the games.  I will also need access to a cellular phone, digital camera, and the prison's ladies lounge, so I can call in my boardside coverage to Chess FM.


The Chess Reporter


 PS. nice job on the war on terror. 

   During the 1972 match, Bobby was a royal pain in the arse, there were questions as to if he would even show up for the match. Once he did, Bobby decided not to play in game two. Bobby was upset by his loss in game one, where he over pressed in a completely drawn game. Bobby blamed the loss on noise generated by the TV cameras. Fischer wisely accepted his forfeit of game two.  Spassky, ignoring orders from the Soviet Union to come home, decided to do one of the most unselfish acts in sports history, he decided to put his title on the line.  Spassky could have returned home after Bobby failed to show for game two. After all, Bobby had never beaten Spassky before. This was not the first time Bobby walked out of a chess tournament.  He did that against Sammy Reshevsky in 1961 and in the Sousse tournament in 1967.
     Spassky  showed his great sportsmanship by allowing game 3 to be played in a small room away from the prying eyes of the cameras. Bobby went on to win game 3, his first win against Spassky.  Spassky also showed his great sportsmanship by applauding after losing game 6 to Fischer.  Fischer had played a great queens gambit with the white pieces.  Fischer went on to defeat Spassky in the match by a score of 12.5 - 7.5.  All of us were enriched by the match. Even though Bobby retired from the game in 1972 after winning the title, we are better off for having Bobby has a champion, then not having him. 

     Fischer withdrew from chess and forfeited his title to Anatoly Karpov in 1975.  Spassky life would not be the same in the Soviet Union after his defeat in 1972. He lost a lot of his privileges. Ultimately Boris had to leave the Soviet Union. He now resides in France.  20 years later Fischer gave Spassky a chance for a 5 million dollar rematch in 1992.  The match was played in Yugoslavia, which was a no trade zone. This put Bobby at odds with US international law. Bobby would win this match by a similar score, with 10 wins, 15 draws and 5 loses.  

    Currently, Fischer is in a Japanese jail cell, fighting extradition to the United States. Bobby hired a lawyer and has renounced his US citizenship. Bobby got him self in trouble, because he shot his mouth off on a Philippine radio station. Bobby spewed hateful remarks about Jews and the people of the United States. Bobby also made hateful remarks regarding the 911 terror incident. We all know Bobby is a nut off the board, but he is harmless. I would like to thank Boris Spassky for his great sportsmanship.
   Thank you Boris.