2004 MVP Award

The 14th World Champion
 GM Vladimir Kramnik

     Vladimir became the 14th world champion in 2000 by decisively defeating then world champion Garry Kasparov by a score of 8.5-6.5. Kramnik rating once broke the 2800 plateau. The 14th World Champion had a very successful 2004. 

    His team organized a world championship match in Switzerland with sponsor Dannemann. It was an exciting match against challenger Peter Leko. Kramnik took the lead early, but a determined Leko came charging back to take a one point lead. Kramnik, the python, wrapped his coils around Leko during the last quarter of the match. Kramnik was able to win the final game and tie the match. Kramnik retained his title with an 7-7 score. It was an accomplishment similar to Kasparov's last game heroics during the 1987 match against Karpov. 

   To Kramnik's credit he has expanded his opening repertoire and started to play 1.e4 with white.  It just goes to show you that even a world champion can expand and improve on his play.

Kramnik's other accomplishments during the year:

1) First place at Linares
2) 2nd place finish at Dortmund, behind Anand
3) First place at Monaco Amber

The world champion was also busy promoting the game, he played two simuls against the German national men's and women's teams.  This reporter hopes that Kramnik will honor  the spirit of Prague. This reporter would also like to see Kramnik help promote chess in the United States.

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