2004 True Grit Award
GM Peter Leko

     Peter Leko came with in one game of reaching chess immortality. It was game 16 of the 2004 Chess World Championship. Peter Leko was battling back against the 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. The match score was 7-6 in Pete's favor. However Peter was unable to stop the hard charging champion and lost the 14th and final game. With the champion having draw odds, Peter would not become the 15th world champion. However Peter can take heart in the fact that he is Kramnik's equal. 

   Peter showed his true grit after losing the first game of the match. He came charging back to take the lead by winning an exciting 8th game from the black side of the board. This game could go down as one of the most exciting game in all of sports history. Peter Leko laid it all on the line in this game. A game which forever will be know as The Drive. Peter said he learned a great deal from this match. He looks forward for another shot at the title. Winning two games from the 14th World Champion requires True Grit. 

   This reporter would like to see Peter take the next step and win a world championship.

Peter's other accomplishments in 2004
1) Finished 2nd to Kramnik at Linares
2) Finished 2nd in the 2nd group at Dortmund behind Kramnik 
3) Finished 2nd a half point behind Anand at Corus

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2003 True Grit Award