2003 Trailblazer Award

GM Maurice Ashley 

     Maurice is a chess teacher, author and excellent sports announcer. He, Yassar Seirawan and Paul Hoffman did the live commentary for the ESPN2 broadcasts of the Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz match. He was on a PBS special that air in early February.

      Maurice took on a very important chess issue. The no fight quick draw. If chess is to gain acceptance as a sport and get TV network coverage, it must find a solution to this problem. Maurice did a no holds barred article about the draw in the June 2003 issue of  Chess Life Magazine. In  April of 2003  Maurice's idea for a 50 move no draw offer was put into action during the Generations Chess Tournament at the Marshall Chess Club in New York City. The rule simply states that no player can offer a draw unless 50 moves have been played. The players would be penalized 10 percent of their prize money if they violated the rule. The tournament was won by a former US Junior Champion, IM Eugene Perelshteyn. Former US Woman Champion, IM Irina Krush had a great tournament as well and finished tied for 2nd with GM's Larry Christiansen and Jaan Ehlvest. There were only 16 draws of the 46 games played.

 Ashley's article on the draw

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Maurice Ashley - Chess Reporter


 Here is an exciting game from the Generations Tournament.

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