2003 Back To The Future Award  
GM Fridrik Olafsson


    In November of 2003 GM Fridrik Olafsson defeated GM Bent Larsen in an 8 game rapid match. This was a rematch from their 1956  encounter which Larson had won 4.5 -3.5. This time Olafsson got his revenge and  won 5-3.  Bent Larson was a top western player in the 1970's. He was first board ahead of Bobby Fischer during the famous USSR vs. the World match in 1970. Bent won his board against Spassky and Stein by a score of 2.5 - 1.5. Bent Larsen was a four time candidate for the world championship. He  lost to Bobby Fischer in the 1971 semifinal candidate match by a score of 6 -0.

   Fridrik Olafsson is an Icelandic GM, who qualified for the 1959 candidates tournament. He was on the 1970 World's team. He was the 1st substitute. He lost his only encounter to former World Champion Vassily Smyslov.

 Olafsson won the following tournaments

     *) 1972 Reykjavik  Tournament, shared first with Hort and Gheorghui
     *) 1976 Wijk aan Zee shared first with Ljubojevic
     *) !976 Reykjavik Tournament shared first with Timman

   He was FIDE President from 1978 - 1982

 I enjoy these matches between players from the past. I liken these events to the senior tennis tour. I still enjoy seeing McEnroe take on Borg or Connors. I think chess needs to do more of these kind of events. This will allow chess fans to connect with the great players of the past, so we can understand the  present and guide the future.

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Here is one of the games from their recent match:

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