2003 MVP Award

Viswanathan Anand

    This player hails from India. He is rated number three in the world with a Fide rating of 2766. In 1995 Anand challenged Kasparov for the World Championship. Anand came up short and lost 10.5 - 7.5.  Anand had an incredible year in 2003. He recently said he is trying to win more with black. He also stated that he wants to win the unified chess world championship and hopefully he can defeat Kasparov along the way.  Anand recently defeated  Vladimir Kramnik to win the Rapid Chess World Championship.  Look for his new biography coming out soon.  Anand at 34 years of age is at the peak of his chess powers. If given the chance he could become the Classical World Champion.

Anand other successes for 2003. 

 *) 1st place at Corus 2004
 *) 1st place at Corisca
 *) 1st place at Cap D'adge, winning the Rapid World Championship
 *) Defeated Judith Polgar in a rapid chess match in Mainz
 *) Amber combined win
 *) 1st place at Corus in 2003

 Corus 2004


 Cap D'adge 


Lets make Anand proud

Vishy Anand - Chess Reporter



 There is the decisive game that won Anand the Rapid World Championship

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