How Bobby Fischer won his title

Lets take a look at Bobby Fischerís road to the title.

1)      In 1970 Palma De Mallorca Interzonal. Bobby Fischer first by 3.5 points, winning 15 games.

2)      In the 1971 quarterfinal candidate  Bobby  won 6 games to defeat Mark Taimanov  by a score of 6-0. This was unprecedented in chess history. I equate it to Don Larsenís perfect game no hitter in the world series in 1954.

3)      In the 1971 semifinal candidate match Bobby repeated the feat by winning 6 games to defeat Bent Larsen by a score of 6-0. Bobby string of defeating 18 GM is a row is equivalent to White ford pitching 30 scoreless innings in a world series.

4)      In the 1971 candidate final match Bobby won 4 games to defeat ex world champion Tigran Petrosian by a score of 6.5- 2.5.

5)      In the 1972 world championship match, Bobby Fischer won 7 games to become the 11th world champion by defeating Boris Spassky the 10th world Champion, by a score of 12.5 - 8.5.

  Bobby won 38 games against the best in the world to gain his title.