How Anand won the right to challenge for the true world championship in 1995

 Anand qualified to become a candidate for the right to challenge for the world championship by tying for first in the 1993 Groningen Tournament. Anand tied with Adams with 7.5 out of  11 points. Anand then went on to defeat the following challengers in match play:

                                  PCA Candidate matches.

    1)  In the1994 quarterfinal candidate match -  Anand defeated Romanishin by a score of 5-2, with 3 wins, 4 draws, 0 loses

    2) In the 1994 semifinal candidate match - Anand defeated  Michael Adams by s score of 5.5-1.5, with 4 wins and three draws and no losses.

   3) In the 1994 final candidate match - Anand defeated Gata Kamsky by a score of 6.5-4.5, with 3 wins 7 draws and 1 loss. 

                               PCA World Championship 

    4) In 1995 - world championship match - Anand lost to World Champion Garry Kasparov by a score of 10.5 -7.5 with 1 win, 13 draws, and 4 losses.