11/24/2003 ..   You Got To Believe !!

          The  Chess World  Championship is in a state of confusion. There are mounting problems that need to be resolved.  We need simplicity here.  We need a game plan for just the 2003-2004  Chess World Championship. Nothing is moving forward. I have  proposed a new plan.


        Chess fans need to see a  Chess World Championship match every 3 years. I got involved in chess during the 1972 Spassky  vs. Fischer match.  I followed every one since. These matches bring a lot of new fans into the game. They also teach us about the history of this great game and the great champions.  I developed a respect for the World Champions and their worthy opponents. I became familiar with the difficult process. The Chess World Championship needs build up. Fans need time to get to know the potential challengers.  One of the reasons Fide was created was to help organize these world championships.

  The most marketable player today  is Garry Kasparov. The best player in the world for over 18 years, a World Champion for 15 years.  Chess needs to put a championship match together quickly. Itís been 3 years already.  I have given this a lot of thought and I simplified the process for 2003-2004. To give us chess fans, what we deserve.