Hangin's take on Ponomariov's new proposal

 Ponomariov's letter is from Chess today issue ct-118(1267) Tuesday 27th April 2004: excerpts below

Ponomariov : 
I suggest that we revise the Prague agreements, because currently we
don't have a distinct scheme for determining the unified World Champion. If we follow the existing scheme worked out by FIDE, then we will only have a new champion in two or three years. I suggest a compromise settlement: to arrange a match-tournament to determine the absolute champion, like it was in 1948, with the participation of Ponomariov, Kasparov, Kramnik, Leko, Anand and the winners of the Libya tournament. The approximate dates would be December 2004 Ė January 2005 
Respectfully yours, 
Ruslan Ponomariov."


Hangin's take: 
As far as Ponomariov's call for another 1948 style championship tournament consisting of Kasparov, Anand, Leko, Kramnik, Ponomariov and the Winner of the Tripoli's Knockout.  Ponomariov's proposal is very unfair.  Why do we need two  FIDE Knock out winners? Only the Tripoli Knockout winner is needed.  Why not replace Ponomariov (top 10 player) with  Topalov (top 5), Svidler (top 6) or Morozevich (top 7). These players are a lot more deserving of consideration in such a tournament.  Lets not forget the 1948 World Championship tournament included 5 of the best players in the world.  I would much rather see Kasparov vs. Anand in a 12 game match, that could be another Ali vs. Frasier two. There is precedence for such a match.  In 1978 Bobby Fischer refused his right, as a true ex world champion, to be seeded in the 1978 world championship cycle. Fide stayed the course by selecting Bobby Fischerís predecessor, Boris Spassky.  Should Tripoli fall through, FIDE is well within its rights to select Anand as Ponomariovís replacement. Kasparov brings great value into the reunification process. For the good of the reunification, Kasparov should only be eliminated via match play. This is the only way Kasparovís value can be passed to another player.  Why would the 14th World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik risk his title in such a tournament ? Kramnik is the absolute world champion. He will defend his title in September of 2004 against Peter Leko. Ponomariov had his opportunity, but he rejected reunification.

 Ponomariov's complete letter dated 4/27/2004.