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 1/15/2005 - I learned some interesting news from the recent Hannon Russell interview with Garry Kasparov that was conducted on 12/9/2004. I quote Hannon here : " On December 9, we had the opportunity to interview him (Kasparov) in New York City. Accompanied by Mark Donlan and Carsten Hansen, we arrived at 11 a.m. We were greeted by Kasparov and his agent, Owen Williams." Is  Carsten Hansen  Kramnik's and Leko's agent? I think a thaw has occurred between the 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik and Garry Kasparov.

    Garry Kasparov is clearly frustrated with FIDE inability to live up to their part of the Prague reunification process. When Hannon Asked Kasparov if he expects to play Kasimdzhanov soon, Kasparov replied, "I have move faith in the Turkish federation than the mysterious people in Dubai". Kasparov is also upset that he missed Corus. Kasparov said "First of all, Iím not playing in Wijk aan Zee and I feel really bad about it. That itísÖI mean we live in a world where FIDE carries no responsibility for ruining big chess events and the plans of the leading players."  I think Kasparov has tired of FIDE ineptness and will enter into secret negotiations with Kramnik's manger for a 2 Million dollar match to take place some time in late 2005. This will spell the end to the Prague reunification process. It also will spell the end of FIDE control of the world championship. This opens the door for ACP to take over.


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