Hangin the Greek's 
Keys to victory 
Krush vs. Chen

Keys to victory



big match/tournament  experience


Chen, having won 2002 women's world champion in Moscow, has the more experienced chess resume. Chen also can draw from her victory over former FIDE KO Champion Ruslan Ponomariov in 2002.

Home field advantage


Irina lives in  New York. Chen is a long way from home. Irina will be surrounded by the local chess pros to help root her on. 

head to head match up


Zhu Chen leads in the current head to head match with 3 wins and 1 loss. All of these games came in the 2002 2nd US -China summit

better chess knowledge


Chen, being a former women's world champion and having earned the GM title, gets the nod here.

player psychology (the wild card)


This is a rapid match so anything is possible. Irina being the home town girl and having won the France-American championship last September should feel confident of victory. Chen could have problems dealing with the time change and the many distractions of being in New York City.

current playing trends


Both coming off of medal winning team performances at the 36th Olympiad at Calvia. The US women's team won the silver, finishing behind the women's team from China.

who's going to win 


The home field advantage will be too great to overcome in the time scramble of a rapid match. Krush cruises to victory by a 1.5 - 1 score