Hangin says: Mr. Leko, Tear Down This Wall !!

7/27/2004 -

    The Kramnik vs. Leko World Championship match is less than 2 months away. At Dortmund  Kramnik hid behind his Berlin Wall defense to get an easy draw in round 6 against his future challenger Peter Leko. Kramnik also used the Berlin wall to hold Leko in check in the play off blitz round. In the playoff round, Kramnik again made great use of this defense and took a full point from Victor Bologan who won this tournament in 2003.

     Kramnik used this defense to great effect during his successful run to become the 14th World Champion. Kasparov was unable to storm or tunnel under or destroy this wall. However, Peter Leko has had 4 years to devise a plan to handle this wall. In order to tear down a wall, you must use leverage, in Leko's case he must use his LEKOAGE to drag Kramnik out  from behind it. I say to Peter Leko, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!! It can be done, In 2001, Kasparov finally broke thru against Kramnik's wall.


 Kasparov vs. Kramnik 2001 - Kasparov cracks the wall
 Leko vs. Kramnik
- Dortmund 2004 - round 6 - the wall holds

 Leko vs. Kramnik - Dortmund 2004 - playoff - the wall holds again

 Bologan vs. Kramnik - Dortmund 2004 - playoff - the wall falls on Bologan