Hangin reviews
  Victor Kortchnoi's 
"My life for Chess"
 Volume 1

   I ordered the "My life for Chess Vol. 1" DVD by Viktor Kortchnoi from Chessbase. It arrived a few a days later. Which is excellent for overseas mail. It cost 21 dollars.  It runs about 3.5 hours long.  Itís absolutely fantastic. Itís great to see one of my chess heroes on video speaking about his career. I grew up during Kortchnoiís fight for the world championship. This is the first time I ever heard him speak.  He was the inspiration for the White Knight True Grit Award. 

Victor talks about his chess career that has spanned 6 generations. He played Levenfish to Magnus Carlsen. He talks about the various players he's met over the years. He discusses why he defected from the Soviet Union. He talks about meeting Bobby Fischer. He speaks about his relationship with his sometime ally Garry Kasparov. The initial 30-minute interview is worth the price of admission.  You will find out who his chess hero is.  He speaks about the various players who worked with him and who were his students. He goes over various games from his incredible carrier. He goes over the his first game that got noticed by top soviet players. He reminisces about each game and gives you his thoughts at the time the moves were played.

   He recites little anecdotes about the time period as well. He goes over his great games against Smyslov, Tal, Geller, and Karpov. As you watch Kortchnoi analyze you see his fighting spirit. He is a very animated, entertaining storyteller.  He goes over the peak periods of Botvinnik, Tal, Spassky, Kortchnoi, Karpov, and Kasparov. Itís worth every penny.  I wish he had talked more about his matches with Karpov. I have  the 2nd volume and will review it soon. I give it 4.5 out 5 stars.

   I hope ChessBase does more of these DVD's. The old guard is leaving. I would like to hear from Spassky, Larsen and Fischer. 

Chess Base - Victor Kortchnoi 
2003 International White Knight True Grit Award