Hangin reports on some rounds of the Olympiad
Things did not Loek very Van Wely for Anand today

        No, this is not more spelling and grammatical mistakes from Hangin.  Things did not Loek Van Wely for Anand today. Anand took on Loek Van Wely in round six of the 36th Olympiad in Calvia Mallorca, Spain. It looked like Van Wely, with black, was getting the better of Anand in the Sicilian Pelikan. 

     I should not have doubted the India Tiger. He pounced today on Van Welly. Who's next to ride the Indian Express. Anand was able to exploit Van Wely's backward d-pawn, which was on Anand's half open file. Anand piled up and took the pawn. Pieces were exchanged and Anand headed into double rook and minor piece endgame with pawns on both sides of the board. It turned into a double rook, bishop, knight and 5 pawns (Anand) vs. double rook, bishop pair and 4 pawns (Van Welly).

    In other action, Morozevich, with black, got the better of Boris Gelfand in another imbalanced endgame. It was two rooks and three pawns (Morozevich) vs. rook bishop and three pawns (Gelfand).  

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