A Good World Championship process
 is like a fine wine

     A good world championship process is like a fine wine. You need to age it.  When you pop the cork, you smell it.  When you take a sip,  you swirl it around in your mouth. You donít chug it, you savor it. Allow your Champion to be your ambassador.  

   Allow the champion the time to promote the game. Give the media time to focus on the challengers, so the fans  get to know them. The candidate process is a character building process. As a challenger, if you beat the champion you can feel proud knowing you deserve to be placed in the company of the great champions of the past. During these matches, especially the world championship,  newspapers report on the games.

     The FIDE knock out process is a beer chuging contest.  When itís over you vaguely remember what happened.  If you are going to spend a lot of money, you should get the media spot light and focus for your players. You should also get a worthy Champion, who feels proud of the process he went through.  A World Champion who knows he is the best of his kind. A World Champion that the fans and chess professionals can be proud of.