Football and Chess

   The Super Bowl is being played today, Sunday February 1, 2004.  The Patriots versus the Panthers. Bill Belicheck versus John Fox. Both are Football GM’s. Their players are the pieces. Each team has the same kind and number of pieces.  On offense there is the offensive linemen, the running backs, the quarterback, the wide receivers and the tight end.  On defense there is the defensive linemen, the line backers, the corner backs and the safeties. Each piece has similar capabilities. 

The head coaches, or Gm’s will use subtle positional play such as blocking schemes and coverage zones. The coaches will also use tactics and combinations like the long pass and the flee flicker to make big plays. They will make use of space and field position to squeeze their opponent off the field. Just prior to the start of the game, colors will be drawn. The coin toss will determine who gets the ball first. The teams will line up in the initial position for the kick off. 
   The clock will start and the ball will be kicked. Each Football GM will need to make prudent use of the clock. Time management can be a decisive factor. Coaches have made horrible blunders do to poor clock management.  The coach’s game plan is the opening. Both coaches will need to make adjustments to long term and short term plans. Each coach will come up with novelty plays to surprise their opponent. King safety could be a deciding factor, you must protect your quarterback from harm. Each team must be on the look out for the pawn storm or the all out pass rush.

    This match up could be similar to the Kramnik vs. Leko World Championship match in September of 2004. Both teams are great defensive teams. They are very difficult to defeat. Subtle strategic positional play will rule the day. I think the Carolina Panthers will use the space advantage they gain through the better running attack,  great defense, and kicking game to keep the Patriots cramped deep in their own  field. The Panthers will then use a pawn storm of defensive linemen and line backers to attack the king of the Patriots offense, Quarterback Tom Brady. This pressure will cause blunders and the Patriots will turnover the football.  I see the Patriots losing on time in a losing position by a score of 16-10.  



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