Down Goes Kasimdzhanov, 
Down Goes Kasimdzhanov,
Down Goes Kasimdzhanov !!!!

3/6/2005 - 
   After watching Anand, with the black pieces, take apart Kasimdzhanov in round 11, I could not help but think about the Joe Frazier vs. George Forman title fight. If was in January 22, 1973. I will never forget Howard Cosell's call of that fight. In the first round the Champion Joe "Smokin" Frazier would get knocked down three times. Well In the 2nd round, Joe came out smokin again, but would suffered three more flash knock downs at the big hands of George Foreman. Frazier's style was tailor made for Foreman. I recall Howard Cosell screaming "Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier.  Joe did not get up after the third Knockout in round 2. George Foreman would keep his title until he fought Ali in 1974.
   Kasimdzhanov, with the black pieces, was staggered in round 8, when he lost to Vallejo Pons. Kasimdzhanov was staggered in round 9 , with white, when he was taken apart by Garry Kasparov. Well in round 11, from the black side of the board,  Anand knocked Kasimdzhanov out. This is the third knock down of the FIDE KO Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov in 4 days.  He suffered back to back KO's in round 8 and 9.  In an inferior position, he drew with Michael Adams in round 10. But basically he just never recovered from his lost to Vallejo Pons, then he had Kasparov, Adams and Anand. That's a tall order for any player recovering from a loss.

 Kasimdzhanov just played poorly today, he was still suffering from the devastating blows in the last few rounds. He never finished developing his pieces. His c1-bishop would remain on its original square until  move 37 Bd2. By that time it was too late. Just like in his failed effort against Kasparov, Kasimdzhanov was defending against a  dangerous advanced central pawn. Anand would also shove a bone down Kasimdzhanov's throat with 32 .. f3. This bone would go deeper with 33.. f2 check. Anand doubled the pressure along the half open f-file with his queen-rook battery. Kasimdzhanov was stuck with a bad bishop on c1 and an out of play rook on a1. There wasn't many pieces on the board, but Anand made better use of his queen, rook and bishop than Kasimdzhanov did.

    On move 36, Anand showed that he knows how to treat a lady, when he move his queen to h6.  From this position, Anand took advantage of the power of mobility of the strongest piece, the queen.  Anand had dual threat of Qh3+ or Qa6+.  Anand played 37 Qh3+.  This forced Kasimdzhanov to divert his only defender, his queen to the f2 square to stop the check. Anand simply recentralized his queen with 38.. Qf5. From this position Anand's queen was going to give mate at d3 or eventual mate at b5. With Kasimdzhanov's queen, bishop and rook helplessly baring witness, he resigned. This is a great victory for Anand, his 2nd of this tournament. However with 3 rounds to go, Anand, at +2, might not have enough time to catch Kasparov, who is sitting in first with +4. As for Kasimdzhanov, he's hit rock bottom, it can't get any worse than this. Lets remember he is the FIDE KO champ. 

  Kasimdzhanov, when asked to describe chess in  five words, he said: " Fight, test, suffering, pain, patience." Well, he failed the test by Vallejo Pons. Now with two more losses, Kasimdzhanov is in pain and suffering. But it's all because he has not put up a tough fight against Kasparov and Anand. Lets not forget that even Garry Kasparov suffer a similar fate, when he lost three games in a row in the 1986 world championship. With three rounds to go, there is no time for patience. At the Libya KO, Kasimdzhanov defeated Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Topalov, Adams.  Kasimdzhanov must fight. He must FIGHT!!! 


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 A few years back, in Edison, New Jersey, I met Joe Frazier, his son Marvis Frazier, who  fought for the heavy weight title, and is daughter Jacqui, who also boxed. He has a nice family and it was a pleasure to meet them.