Bobby Fischer challengers
 President Bush and PM Koizumi

     Bobby Fischer is still in a Japanese prison. He did another interesting interview that was covered by Chessbase. I think heís making some interesting moves. I think he is positioning himself for an insanity defense. Bobby is upset. He thinks that heís being poisoned by radiation. I can buy that.

     But Bobby is really upset that Japanese Baseball star Ichiro Suzuki is playing in the United States Major leagues. Bobby is upset that Ichiro broke the major league season's hit record. Ichiro broke George Sisler's all time season hit record of  257 hits. Ichiro had 262 hits during the 2004 season.  Bobby feels that Ichiro should not play in the US. Bobby feels Ichiro should have been walked so he couldn't the break the record. Bobby wonders why the Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi didnít put Ichiro in prison for immigration violations. You know, Bobby has a point. I think Ichiro should be brought up on charges for winning the 2001 rookie of the year award. Ichiro stole that award; he was a veteran ball player in the Japanese league. The Japanese players have show that the Japanese league is on par with the US Major leagues. Also Ichiro stole over 156 bases in the US Major leagues. I think he should be brought up on 157 charges of grand theft. 

    Also why didn't President Bush, who was a one time owner of the Texas Rangers, have Ichiro intentionally walked? How come President Bush didnít use his powers of executive privilege to stop Ichiro from breaking Sisler's record?  The President could have issued a directive; similar to the one his father issued about baring US trade in Yugoslavia in 1992.  The President could have demanded that all Major League baseball teams  pitch around Ichiro. I really think Bobby is on to something here.
     Bobby also thinks Bush and Koizumi conspired against him and put him in prison. Bobby  says he going to make them play or was it pay. Well Bobby has obviously issued a challenge. I didnít see any further details on chessbase on this.  My guess is, that it's Bobby vs. Bush and Koizumi in a consultation match. I guess it's going be a the first team to win 10 games.  Bobby said that chess is dead, and he only plays Fischer Random now. So I think it's going to be a unlimited Fischer random match. I got to give this one a LEKO, thatís a deep think for those who did not watch the Kramnik vs. Leko world championship.  One thing I learned about the chessbase article is that Japanese prison apparently are not that bad. Bobbyís obviously got cable and can keep up to speed with major league baseball. 


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All kidding aside, I hope Bobby gets the help he needs. He can beat these charges, if he allows people to help him.