Chess Reporter Archive
January 2005 - June 2005


6/29/2005 -
Hangin's take on Adams vs. Hydra
and the future of Man vs. Machine

 Al ToolBar is saved by the bell
Kasimdzhanov had the silicon beast on the ropes when the final bell rang.

6/14/2005 -
Peter Leko launches his web site

6/5/2005 -
Leko and Adams coast to the finish line

6/4/2006 -
Marathon Man sprints and ties the match
Leko laps Adams twice

6/3/2005 -
Marathon Man enters the race
Leko and Adams split

6/2/2005 -
 the marathon man stumbles out of the block and falls
 Adams takes a two lap lead over Leko

Hangin the Greeks keys to victory
Leko vs. Adams

5/18/2005 -
Hangin's take on Kramnik's latest interview
Rustam Kasimdzhanov coming to the US
Hangin's take on Kasparov's interview with MIG

5/11/2005 -
Leko vs. Adams
8 game rapid match

4/28/2005 -
The 14th World Champion weighs in
on FIDE world championship tournament

Fischer settles down in Iceland

4/14/2005 -
Considering the seemingly Impossible
How chess can help guide us

4/11/2005 -
Anand wins his  4th Chess Oscar
But can he lead the Chess World?

4/3/2005 -
Making Nakamuraesque Moves

4/2/2005 -
was the Prague Agreement an April Fool's day Prank?
H-bomb explodes in the FIDE rating Charts

Oh what a tangled web he weaves -
The K-Bomb grinds one out at Dos Hermanas

Who is Brave enough to defy a King?
Brave Heart 
 Who is Bareev enough to defy Anand?
Bareev Heart 

3/25/2005 -
Guess whose Steamroller is rolling?
 Fischer .. Nah
Kasparov .. Nah 

Hangin could be just the guy
 to replace Sammy Haggar and David Lee Roth
might as well, JUMP, JUMP
go ahead and JUMP, JUMP
go ahead and MOVE, MOVE

Fischer wins, Karpov wins ?!?!!!!
I think somebody up there likes him

The 1975
Fischer vs. Karpov match
Hangin weighs in on who would have won
He's coming to Iceland

3/17/2005 -
Hangin's Irish Chess Blessing
Happy St Patrick's Day
Robert Blake is going out cowboying to play chess
I hope Scott Peterson is a Grade-A prisoner

Hangin's preamble on Amber  
Who is going to lead the chess world?

3/15/2005 -
To Krush or be Crushed that was the question,
Well it had been answered.

3/13/2005 -
Kasparov for President ?
Hangindamous called the shot back in January of 2004

3/12/2005 -
Hangin's Final Linares Report

3/11/2005 -
Hangin weighs in on Kasparov's retirement

OH the mighty have fallen
Final round of Linares
Topalov tops Kasparov 
Adams climbs Mount Anand

3/8/2005 -
It's coming to America
It's coming to America
Game Over 
The film about the 1997 Man vs. Machine Match
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
Is Coming America

3/7/2005 - 
Championship rounds at Linares
Hangin review's
Victor Kortchnoi My Life for Chess Vol. 1

3/6/2005 -
round 11 Linares

3/5/2005 - 
Garry "Apollo Creed" Kasparov 
Rustam "Rocky" Kasimdzhanov 

3/4/2005 -
This piece is relevant today
Hangin takes on a Reader on Adams' interview on the Libya KO.
Does the World Champion have to be the best player in the world ?
Does Chess need to get away from the Boxing paradigm ?
Hangin answers all these questions and more  

3/3/2005 - 
Hangin takes another cut at
 Who really won Kramnik vs. Leko
Check out Hangin's Mid Linares Report
Hangin dishes the ATABOYS

3/2/2005 -
Hangin take on FIDE's Hysterical Decision -
and new plan for unification

3/1/2005 -
Hangin take on Ilyumzhinov latest interview
Reunification is Alive, Alive

2/28/2005 -
Worlds Collide in round 6 at Linares

Leko makes another great Goal Line Stand
Linares 2005

2/24/2005 -
A break in the case for Bobby Fischer
Iceland comes through for Bobby
So does hangin.

2/23/2005 -
Hangin has an interesting discussion  
on who won the Kramnik vs. Leko match

Hangin take on Kramnik the Artist
Kramnik says the "artist just paints"

2/21/2005 -
Hangin take on Linares 2005
Hangin sets the table, with his best china and silverware, for Linares.
Hangin casts his vote for the 2005 Chess Oscar
The 2004 white Knights are out 
Check out the 2004 White Knight Awards

2/9/2005 -
Please Welcome Chessreporter's new analyst
Hangin the Greek's analysis of the
Krush vs. Chen mach
for Accoona's China-American Championship
The questions are:
 to Krush or not to Crush 
Crush or be Krushed.
Stay tuned for this exciting match up


2/5/2005 - 
Hangindamous predicts an Eagle victory over the Patriots 27-13

2/1/2005 -
Kramnik and DGT
 Announce new digital chess equipment

1/29/2005 - 
Hangin attended this 
Shotgun Wedding

1/28/2005 -
You are all invited to 
Second Annual 2004 White Knight Awards.
Come Join Hangin and Friends for a really Big Shoe, Really Big.
It's a black tie affair, so dress appropriately. 
 RSVP ASAP and let Hangin know if you want the
 Hungarian Goulash, Fish Colbasa or Filet Mignon
No vegetarian menu this year.  
When ? So as  not to upstage the NFL's Super Bowl and Pro Bowl - 
The event will be held on 
 Sunday February 20th 8 pm EST
Where ? Right here at Hangin's own private Idaho

1/25/2005 -
Hangin's OTB Play

1/21/2005 - 
I would like to welcome Dr Ruth WesternHangin 
She is doing a show with a couple in a troubled relationship.
 She will try to resolve their problems.
This session could make a great Broadway Musical

1/19/2005 -
Hangindamous Prediction comes true
Prague agreement dies
Reunification fails

Hangin Wynchell 
on Kasparov symbolically waving his gloved hand at FIDE and
 saying  "No, mas, no mas" 

1/17/2005 -
Hangin wants his Chess FM 

1/15/2005 -
Chess Reporter's New Journalist
Hangin Wynchell 
are Kasparov and Kramnik in secret negotiations for  a  two million dollar rematch ?

Is Kasparov afraid of Fischer ?
Is Kasparov worried about his World Championship pedigree ?

01/05/2005 -
Latest FIDE Rating -
Kasimdzhanov jumps 22 spots
Gonna fly now, flying high now, gonna fly, fly fly