Anand's interview on San Luis

8/21/2005 -
    The 2nd best player in the world, Vishy Anand gave an interesting interview about San Luis. Like Topalov, Anand kept his cards close to his vest. Anand's biggest threat is his own over confidence. He completely dominated the world's best at Amber. He took both formats. He dominated the rapid and blindfold competitions. He also took first at Leon and Mainz. But Anand has to remember those were rapid events. Anand has not won a classical event since Dortmund 2004.

     In early 2005, Anand was shocked by Peter Leko and had to be satisfied with 2nd place at Corus. At Linares 2005, Anand was shocked by Michael Adams and finished third behind Kasparov and Topalov. AT Mtel this year, Anand was also shocked by Topalov and again had to be satisfied by a 2nd place finish. Who will shock Anand at San Luis? 
     Anand said he will prepare for this tournament after he finishes Mainz. I am wondering if this will be sufficient time to prepare. Topalov said hes been preparing a long time for this tournament. Rustam Kasimdzhanov, the dark horse, started preparation last year for his ill-fated match with Kasparov.  Anand is in danger of being out prepared for this double round robin tournament. I believe in order for Anand to win his first classical tournament of the year, he must make better use of his time. Anand has to realize that time is a piece and he should use it.  Anand must know that the road to San Luis goes thru Leko and Topalov.



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