Anand wins his third Chess Oscar




     Anand won his third chess Oscar this week. Well, Chess Reporter called this one back in February of 2004, when it awarded Anand the first annual International White Knight's MVP Award. Anand had an outstanding year in 2003.

    With His third Oscar, Anand feels his place in chess history is set. I believe there is much more for Anand to accomplish. He has never won the big one. Anand's one chance for a true world title ended in failure against Garry Kasparov in 1995.  It was an exciting match, Anand took the lead mid way thru the match,  however he fell apart in the 2nd half. Kasparov won by a score of 10.5 – 7.5.

   You have to wonder,  if Anand regrets his decision to decline Kasparov offer to challenge for the Brain Game Title in 2000.  Kramnik wisely accepted this challenge. He  defeated Kasparov, by a score of 8.5 – 6.5, to become the 14th and current world champion.

  Boris Spassky and Tigran Petrosian both won titles in their early 30’s.  At 34, Anand is at the peak of his powers. I think he has a good chance to overtake both Kasparov and Kramnik.  This would certainly catapult Anand into the chess elite. However Anand must fight his way thru at Tripoli later this year. He is a great rapid/blitz player and has fought his way thru to the finals twice. He finally won in 2001.

  I believe Anand has made mistakes by passing up opportunities to challenge Kasparov in recent years:

1)      Brain Games 2000 – Anand decline Kasparov’s challenge

2)      Linares 2003 – Anand missed a chance to challenge Kasparov, Kramnik and Leko

3)      Tripoli – Anand has declined to play in the FIDE Knockout. Anand has the skills to win this event and challenge Kasparov for the right to become absolute champion.

  Anand’s chances to become a true world champion are waning. He must seize this opportunity in Tripoli. If he does not, his true world championship could be gone forever.

Chess Today reports : ct-141(1290) Thursday 5/20/2004 :  

Anand told interviewers that the time for implementing the Prague Agreement has run out and he does not understand why one player should get privileges (Kasparov). He believes it's unfair and will not play in Libya  

 Anand jumps into number two spot in chess world