Anand's Steamroller Blues

Well, Anand is a steamroller, baby
Heís bound to roll all over you
Yes, Anand is steamroller now, baby
He bound to roll all over the competition
He gonna inject your game with some sweet tactical shots
And shoot you full of forks and pins

Well, Anand is a cement mixer, baby
A churning urn of burning mates
Yes, Anand is a cement mixer for you, baby
A churning urn of burning tactics
Well, Anand is a demolition derby (yeah)
A hefty hunk of steaming moves

Now, Anand is a napalm bomb, baby
Just guaranteed to blow you off the board
Yeah, Anand is a napalm bomb for you, baby
Oh, guaranteed, just guaranteed to burn you off the board

And if you canít keep up at blindfold or rapid
Sweet child, wonít be nothing left behind
It seems how lately at Amber, All the chess players, baby
Got a bad case of Anandís steamroller blues

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James Taylor Steamroller

Recorded Live at Amber - 3/27/2005