Adams summits Mount Anand

    The mighty have fallen at Linares in round 14. Michael Addams from the black side of the board would summit Mount Anand. Beating Anand from the black side of the board has to be similar to climbing Mount Everest. I read stories about climbers who step out of their tents, at 17,000 feet, in their stocking feet, only to slide a mile down the mountain and off the edge to their deaths. It happens often, one small slip. One small mistake, like not putting your spiked boots on before stepping out of your tent, can end it all on Mount Everest. Similarly, when climbing Mount Anand, one small slip and you are finished. Michael Addams tried to summit Mount Kasparov in round 12 and failed. Addams made that fatal mistake. But with chess, you can get up from a bad fall.

    In round 14, Adams was determined to summit Mount Anand. But lets not forget chess is a war game. Todayís game went into a Queenís Indian Nimzovich variation. By move 30 Adams had won a pawn. The game became a battle of the heavy pieces. The howitzers would control this middle game. It was Adams' queen, two rooks and 5 pawns (two connected central passers) vs. Anandís queen, two rooks and 4 pawns (one outside passer). 

With all this firepower still on the board, the kings would sit this one out in their bunkers. Anandís a-pawn would be stopped two squares from queening. Adamsí central passers on the c and d-files were now on the move. They were backed up by both of Adamsí howitzer rooks on the back rank. Adams pushed his c-pawn to Anandís 2nd rank. Adams c- rook was close behind and found a post on c3. This forced Anandís queen to give up the protection of his a-passer. Passers were exchange along with a pair of heavy rooks.  Anand was on the defensive now.  Adamsí army invaded Anandís territory. Addams had a centrally posted queen on d5. Adamsí rook was aggressive posted on Anandís f3 square. Addamsí passer was deep inside Anandís territory on c3. Addamsí army was poised for a final assault. He used an ingenious strategy that threaten to mate Anand king, attack his rook, or queen a pawn. Faced with all three of these unstoppable threats, Anand resigned. This game didnít do much to change the standings. Anand took third place behind Kasparov and Topalov.  Addams would take fifth behind Leko. 


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