Adams on San Luis

On September 17th, Michael Addams, the 9th rank player in the world answered the 10 world championship questions. Adams did not expose his preparations for this match. He did say that any thing can happen and the strongest player will win. He did favor Anand, Topalov and Leko but added that all the players are evenly matched.

   Adams has showed this year that he can beat all the top players in this tournament. Though he never wins any top tournaments, Adams has beaten Kramnik, Anand, Topalov and Leko this year.  It seems the only opponents Adams canít handle are Kasparov and Hydra. Lucky for Adams, they wonít be playing in San Luis. I think of Adams as a top 10 chess iron man. He seems to never miss a tournament.  In 2005, he played in 4 top classical chess tournaments, namely Corus, Linares, Mtel, and Dortmund. He also drew Leko in an 8 game rapid match. Adams also played a 6-game match against Hydra, the strongest silicon beast since Deep Blue. Unfortunately Adams was only able to take a half point out of 6 games against Hydra.

    Based on this very busy schedule, I am not sure how well prepared or rested Adams will be for San Luis You also have to worry about his confidence going into this tournament. Adams took last place at Mtel in May. After taking the first 3 games against Leko, Adams lost the next three games and had to settle for a drawn match in June.  Hydra crushed him a few weeks later. At Dortmund In July, Adams finished in the last third of the pack. 

   Michael Adams knows the road through San Luis goes through Anand, Topalov, and Leko. Adams also knows he has beaten these top players this year. Adams is right, the strongest player will win San Luis. Adams has show he can beat the strongest players.


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