Hangin the Greek

Carlsen vs Caruana

Keys to Victory

Keys to victory




Home Field Carlsen small Match location is in London, Magnus was born and raised in Norway. Caruana spit his time in Europe and the US.  
World Championship Match Experience Carlsen Big This is Carlsen's 4th World Championship Match, his third third defense. Caruana is entering his first match for the world title.  
Head to Head Carlsen Big Carlsen leads 23-11-24 in classical games its 10-5-20. Stats for games gotten from chessgames.com  
Head to Head Trend Carlsen Big Carlsen leads 2-0-5.  
Tie Breaker Carlsen Big Tie breaker consists of Rapid-Blitz. Carlsen is 2900 plus rapid-blitz player. Caruana is 2750 player.

Current Playing Trend Carlsen Big Carlsen only lost 9 games in 2018. Caruana has lost 45. Carlsen is a 2900 plus player is rapid-blitz and Caruana is just 2750 in those categories. Carlsen processes chess faster. Caruana Knows this.

rating difference Even small both players are rated 2800 plus, Magnus is 2835 Caruana is 2832.  
Opening Knowledge Even medium Both players are well versed in openings.  
Team Unknown *Unknown Team could have a huge factor, but this its unknown. According to Anand , Magnus is very difficult to play. Does Caruana have the best team? A team that can help him defeat the greatest player in the world? I hope he spoke to Vladimir Kramnik.

Carlsen's Wild Card Carlsen *Big Caruana world championship match inexperience. Its has hurt other challengers Nigel Short, Garry Kasparov. This could be a factor and possibly the deciding factor in this match.

Caruana's Wild Card Caruana *Big This is Carlsen's third title defense. Many a champion have failed in their third defense, Alekhine, Kramnik, Anand, Karpov, Botvinnik.  This could be a huge factor. Carlsen is on record in his dislike of match play format for world championship.

Who will Win? Carlsen   It just adds up to Carlsen.