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Itís a great honor to represent this amazing program on what is an historic day. X3d fritz is truly a child of the 21st century.   Leaders of several cutting edge technologies. From x3d exhilarating extreme 3d to photo realistic graphic design. the fastest hardware available today. and of course the strongest chess engine every programmed. X3d technology is truly amazing  Ö with uses in chess, fashion, gaming movies, medicine and television. Its hard to believe that we would see a day where a major chess event would take place in virtual reality, but that day is today. Mr. Kasparov will take on this impressive program, not on a real board where the human makes moves for the computer Öbut in virtual reality wearing x3d glasses looking at a chessboard that floats in mid air. For the first time ever in a match of this magnitude x3d fritz is no longer a program just designed to play Garry Kasparov. Itís designed to be a virtual reality chess experience for everyone. Never before has there been an opportunity for consumers to obtain such a program. Now with x3d .com you can purchase X3D Fritz and the extreme capabilities This will be an amazing experience for the tens of millions who watch this event.