Pre Game - Arbiter FM John Fernandez

     Match Arbiter John Fernandez did the choosing of colors. On John's right is Irina Krush the top rated American woman and former US Women's Champion. On John's left is French Champion Almira Skripchenko and the French Diplomat Deputy Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy Olivier Boasson. The ref motioned each fighter into the ring. "no kicking, no biting, no punching below the belt or behind the head. Obey all my commands and follow my  instructions. When I say break, break.  " John grabbed a piece of each color and put his hands behind his back. He then brought his hands forward. He allowed Almira to choose her color. Almira gave this a few moments of thought and finally choose John's right hand, which held the white piece. Almira would have white for the first game. "Ok go back to your corners at the sound of the bell come out fighting."