The 2003 Hillsborough Protocol:

    1)  Fide should recognize Vladimir Kramnik as the 14th Chess World Champion.

     2)  Garyís opponent should be Peter Leko. They should  play a 12 game match. The match should be decided by the first player to 6 wins or a score of 6.5 out of 12 points. The winner will play a 16 - 24 game match with Vladimir Kramnik for the world title.  If  Leko beats Gary, it will increase Lekoís marketability. It will lift him to new chess heights.  This will increase the likelihood of a Kramnik vs. Leko showdown.  Now if Kasparov wins, then we will have another great showdown, Kramnik vs. Kasparov rematch. Thatís a big draw. I think Kasparov will show his great fighting spirit from both sides of the board this time.

    3)  Fide regroups and returns to the candidate process that was used by Spassky, Fischer, Karpov, Kasparov.  The process consists of  zonal tournaments, interzonal with the top 15 players qualifying for  the candidate match process, along with the loser of the last  World Champion Match. The candidate match process consists of three matches of  10 - 12 games. The last man standing challenges the World Champion in a match of 16-24 games.

    4) Fide should return to a 3 year cycle. This process is rigorous and you need time for players to recharge. Strength of play between two of the strongest players in the world, should determine who is king. Luck should play a minor rule in this process.

       I urge all parties to accept some if not all of these proposals for the good of chess.