Your cheating heart

Your cheating heart
will make you weep
when you get caught
you'll cry and cry
and you'll be ban
 from tournaments 
for up to 3 years

your cheating heart will pine someday
and crave the tournaments you threw away
time will come  when you'll be blue
your computer can't push a pawn
 without someone telling on you 

when your tears fall like hangin pawns
you'll be tossed around and called a cheater by name
you walk the floor of shame like caught cheaters do
with your cheating heart some one will tell on you 



     I had another interesting conversation on ICC with someone, I'll call Joe, who caught a chess cheater using a mobile phone. The cheater was having a fantastic tournament with 6.5 out of 7 points against players who averaged 100 points higher in rating. It was a typical game, first 7 moves played normally. Then the cheater started to get up from the board and walk away. The cheater can be seen typing into his mobile phone. It was one of the new Erickson phones.

    Joe thought that maybe he was sending text message to his girl friend.  So Joe moves and the cheater comes back to the board. He does not sit. He doesn’t even look at the board. 20 seconds pass, he moves. Then the cheater walks away. Joe tells one of his chess friends
that his opponent is cheating by using a chess program on his mobile phone. So this continues through the first time control.

    The cheater gets up after every move, goes to the corner of the room, takes out his mobile phone and begins typing. He returns to the board and moves without sitting and thinking about the position. Joe asked his friend to walk by his opponent and see what’s going on with the cellular phone.  Joe Friend walks by and sees the chessboard on the mobile phone's screen. The cheater gets nervous and puts the phone away. The cheater returns to the board to make his move. Joe friend follows and after the cheater makes his move, Joe’s friend confronts the cheater. Telling him that he saw the chess program running on the phone. The cheater says he was just doing newspaper puzzles. The cheater, caught red handed, resigns.

    A week later, Joe discovered that the phone was using Chess genius 1.2 for mobile phones. This is the same software that defeated Garry Kasparov in a blitz game back in the early 90’s. The first computer ever to defeat a World Champion in a game. The new mobile phones operate at 100-200mghz. The genius that defeated Kasparov in a 25-minute game ran on a Pentium 100 back in 1991-1992. 

     The amazing thing was that the cheater was a very good player without the mobile phone. Joe discovered that a friend had the same software running on a PDA. They replayed the game and genius played the same moves that the cheater did. The new palm pilots have chess software that plays around 2600 rating against humans. This was not a kid prank. The cheater was not a kid but a man in his mid 30’s. Joe went to his federation, who looked into the matter. The cheater has been banned for 3 years from tournaments.

     It certainly is a good idea to bar all phones at tournaments. Recently last year. Ruslan Ponomariov was forfeited from a game, because his mobile phone rang during a game. Now Ruslan was NOT cheating, but simply got a phone call during a game. It is good to see that TD are strict about mobile phone use. There was another interesting cheating story of a man using a Novag sapphire with a blind man adaptation attachment. This cheater was playing 600 points about his 1900 rating. He kept his hand in his pocket all game long.  I also recall a story in chess base in 2003, where some one got caught in the john using a pocket fritz.  

 another cheating story

Ray Charles - Your Cheating Heart