Kramnik vs. Leko 

There predictions were made at the Russian Samovar at 256 52nd between 8thy Ave and Broadway NYC on Friday May 14, 2004.  The Russian Samovar is a nice restaurant.


John Fernandez (ICC):  Kramnik will win. Kramnik has to play Kasparov to right history.

Pascal Charbonneau IM : Kramnik will win

Irina Krush IM : Kramnik will win

Lev Alburt GM : 60% chance of Kramnik winning

Ron Henley GM: :wasn't sure, He said Leko is very tough to beat

Mig : Kramnik will win

Paul Hoffman (author) : Kramnik will win

Hangin's Prediction : 

The following predictions were gotten from the Kramnik-Leko Press conf in Hamburg Germany. The quotes are coming from Chess Today - The first daily chess newspaper on the net: issue ct-134(1283) Thursday, 13th May 2004.


 14thWorld Champion Vladimir  Kramnik GM:  "Leko is the least attractive and most difficult opponent that I could meet. At the moment, he is a greater challenge than Kasparov. I estimate my chances at 55 percent, no more"

 "no matter who wins, the one who wins is the Champion, no re-match"

 Challenger Peter Leko GM: "Kramnik is a strong, very strong World Champion, but I have the ability, the will and the game to beat him"


  GM John Fedorowicz - On Fred Wilson's July 2004 show on

  He likes  Leko,  John feels Leko is younger and is due for a small jump in level.  John feels Kramnik with black will have trouble with Leko's whites.

Here is Alexander Morozevich predictions taken from an interview in Biel in 2004.

Morozevich: Both of them seem well prepared. The quality of chess should be quite interesting. I will follow this with interest. No specific preference. Or, maybe, Kramnik, because he is Russian


NM Dan Heisman - on his weekly chess fm radio show - 9/9/2004 - gives Kramnik 3-2 odds to retain his title. However he said that Leko will be tough. Leko has been playing very steady lately, he's been playing like Kramnik. Both players are tough to beat. It will be a match with a lot of draws, so one win could take the match. This favors the underdog. With both players it will be tough to catch up if any one falls behind. Kramnik has more match experience.

IM DR Kopec - on Chess Fm - Tuesday Knight Masters - 9/14/2004 - Kramnik plays at a little higher level. I give him a slight edge.

Here are some predictions I got on 9/16/2004 at the Russian Savor on west 52nd street between 8th and Broadway. It was during the Krush vs. Skripchenko match, which Krush won by a score of 1.5 - .5.

IM Michael Khodarkovsky - One time Kasparov 2nd during the 1995 World Championship Match against Vishy Anand- 52% chance Leko will win.

GM Michael Rohdes - Kramnik is more seasoned

GM Joel Lautier - slightly favors Vladimir Kramnik

This prediction comes from MIG's Daily Dirt from It was made on 9/25/2004 early into the first game.

Kasparov - slightly favors Kramnik