My Letter to Alex Baburin of Chess Today 


The leader of Libya, Mummar Qaddafi has pledged 1.6 million dollars and will sponsor the next FIDE 128 player Knockout Championship in Tripoli later this year.

       If the above article isnít reason enough to go back to the old style world championship process, I donít know what is. We need to go back to the zonal, interzonal tournaments and candidate matches culminating in the World Championship Match.   Iíve already addressed the problems with the FIDE Knockout World Championship. FIDE should break  and open up this process so that more sponsors can bid. Spread this process and the cost  over time and geography.   Spread the chess love around.  Allow cities or countries with up and coming chess talent to host a part of this process.  Allow the local people to root for their homeboys and girls and see some of the international chess stars.  A good World Championship process is like a fine wine; let more people take a sip. Spreading the process over time and geography will bring more young fans and media coverage into this great game.  In the long run, more money will be raised for these events. FIDE break the process up. Open it up.  Make the process more affordable for sponsors around the world. Showcase your great talent around the world. A properly run World Championship process is the Crown Jewel of Chess.  The process needs to enrich the players,  promote the game around the world,  introduce new fans to this great game, and finally to find a worthy proud World Champion