Marathon Man uses his Kick
 and Sprints to tie Adams

6/4/2005 - The Marathon man would sprint to tie Adams today. It appears the Leko has shaken off the jitters that affect him during the first three games. It was Adams' turn to feel the jitters when he lost the first game today with white. It was a tough loss, because Adams might have been able to hold this game. But Leko showed his great endgame skill today.

Game 5 opened with Adams pushing 1.e4. The players debated the Sicilian Defense. By move 31, the game evolved into a queen and 5 pawns vs. Queen and 5 pawn endgame. By move 39 Leko had two pawn islands of connected pawns. On island were e and d-pawns. the other were g and h-pawns. Adams had three island, with two isolated pawns on the c and e-files. Leko would exploit these isolated pawns and the fact that Adams had these two weaknesses. Its hard to win a game when your opponent has only one weakness, However, you can win a endgame if your opponent has two weakness. Exploiting his Adams' passive position, Leko slowly brought his king around to the queenside to attack Adams weak pawns. Adams was just shuffling his king back and forth, waiting for the battle to begin. By move 49, Adams took Leko's e-pawn and Leko's king had taken Adams c2-pawn. This cleared the way for Leko's d4 pawn. By move 50, Leko d-pawn was a square away from queening. Adams queen relentless checked Leko's king and used his queen to set up pins to prevent the pawn from queening. However these checks ran out and Leko forced the exchange of queens with move 79 .. Qf1+. Faced with the exchange of queens and the eventual queening of Leko's pawn, Adams resigned on move 80. Leko draws to with in one game of tying the match. 

Game 6 - Peter Leko played 1.e4. The players debated the closed Ruy Lopez. Still reeling with his loss in a game 5, Adams did not put up much resistance in game 6. Adams blunders on move 27 .. Qa8. This will allow Leko to grab Adams' isolated d pawn on move 29 . Qxd6. Adams would blunder again on move    29 .. g6. This move created Luft for Adams king, however it created a weakness that Leko would quickly pounce on. With the pawn advance, Adams' Knight was no longer directly protected. Indirectly Adams' bishop was shielding the knight from Leko's d6-queen. With his pawn duo on e4 and f4, Leko would force Adams bishop away with 30. f5.  Adams responds with 30.. Nxe4 attacking Leko's queen. Leko is forced to exchange bishop for  the knight with 31. Bxe4. Adams responds with 31.. Qxe4 attacking Leko's e-knight. However Adams missed the following intermezzo 32 Ng4. This move prevents Adams from checking Leko's king and also threatened to fork Adams queen and king with Nf6+.  With his bishop still under attack by the f5-pawn and his queen under attack as well, Adams resigned on move 32. Leko has sprinted and caught up with Adams. the match is tied 3-3.  

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