Keys to Victory 
 Fischer vs. Bush and Koizumi


Keys to Victory


Why Bobby ? Why ?

Better Team

Bush and Koizumi

Bobby has his lawyer and his Japanese wife to be, who happens to be a master.  Both Bush and Koizumi  have  a ton of advisors. 

Match Experience 



Bobby has great match experience. He drew with Reshevsky, He also shut out Taimanov, Larsen in quarter and semifinal candidate matches in 1971. Bobby went on to defeat ex World Champion Tigran Petrosian by a 6.5 - 2.5 score. Bobby then went on to become 11th world champion by defeating Boris Spassky in 1972 by a 12.5 -8.5 score. Bobby also took the 1992 rematch against Spassky by winning 10 games and losing 5 with 15 draws. As far as I know Bush and Koizumi never played a chess match.

Difficulty being defeated


Fischer has never lost a serious match. However Bush has never lost an election. I am not sure if Fischer and Bush are good debaters. One thing is certain, both should keep their mouths shut.

Better Chess Knowledge


I don't think either Bush or Koizumi play chess seriously or at all. However they will benefit from a Fischer Random contest. Bobby will be unable to use his vast opening knowledge. However I've got to give Fischer the edge in chess talent. 

Head to Head match ups

Bush and Koizumi

Fischer is in prison, both Bush and Koizumi are not yet in prison. I give a big edge to Bush and Koizumi.

Match Preparation


Bush is getting ready for the Presidential Elections. He is also doing a great job fighting terror world wide. I don't think either Bush or Koizumi will have time to play chess. What does Bobby have to do any way? He is in prison and has plenty of time to play chess. In fact Boris Spassky has even offered to go to prison to help Bobby prepare. However Bobby wants the beautiful and talented Alexandra Kosteniuk instead. Bobby is showing he is not so crazy after all. However this could hurt his insanity defense.

Current playing trends

Bush and Koizumi

I don't think either Bush or Koizumi play. No one even knows if Bobby does any longer. However Bush is leading in the polls, so I have to give him the slight edge.

 Players Psychology (* the wild card*)

 Bush and Koizumi

One thing is certain Fischer does need mental help. He could definitely benefit from psychiatric treatment. Who knows if Fischer will even push a pawn. Showing up is not an issue for this match, Because we know where Fischer is. However Fischer could lose on time.

9th Pawn


Fischer is a confident champion. He knows he can beat anyone at chess.

Who's going to win

Draw 9-9

Both Fischer and Bush screw up big, but they always seem to land on their feet. It should be exciting match. But due to Fischer's brilliant legal wrangling. He will retain his title with 9-9 score, while serving 10-15.