2003 True Grit Award

GM Victor Kortchnoi

  Victor at 73 is still a very dangerous opponent. In 2003 at Reykjavik International tournament,  he placed 2nd behind Alexi Shirov,   ahead of Michael Adams and Ivan Sokolov.  If you stick you head in side the mouth of this old lion, he will bite it off. Just ask Vladimir Akopian, Michael Adams and Entiene Bacrot. They all lost full points to Victor in 2003. 

   Victor has had an incredible career spanning 6 decades. Twice in 1978 and 1981 he challenged   the World Champion for the title, however he came up short in both attempts. Victor defected from the Soviet Union in 1976 while playing in a tournament in Holland. Victor  arguably the greatest chess player never to win the title. If he only had a level playing field. In 1963 the same year Kasparov was born, Victor first qualified for the candidates process.  In 1983 Victor came close again to challenging for the world title but was eliminated in the semi final match by Garry Kasparov.  Victor also was a candidate in 1985, 1987, 1991.

    Victor has dropped out of the top 100, however don't count this old lion out yet. He has made incredible come backs before. In 1974 candidates final he trailed Karpov by two games. Victor came charging back to tie the match.  In 1978 in the World Championship match with Karpov, again Victor trailed 5-2, and again Victor came roaring back and tied the match. Unfortunately Victor was unable to win these matches, but shows his great tenacity. Victor is still playing and beating players 1/3 - 1/4 his age. 

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