Hangin's take on "Kasparov on the record "

Here is the article- Kasparov on the record - from chessbase.    www.chessbase.com


05/21/2004 - Hangin's take :

    Kasparov is a little angry with Kramnik and his claim that Kasparov is no longer the number one player.  Well this may be the true, but Kasparov still has rights as an ex world champion. These rights should allow Kasparov to be seeded into the reunification process. I think Kasparov has earned the benefit of the doubt, as far as being the number one player.  Kasparov proposes that the top 4 players, namely Kasparov, Kramnik, Leko, Anand face off the 4 semi-finalists from the Tripoli Knockout. There is no way Kramnik would risk his title in such a contest.

 Kasparov assertions:

1)      Kramnik has not shown that he is the best player in the world.

2)       Kramnik has not defended his title in over 4 years. 

   Kasparov concludes that Kramnik is not a world champion.

   In fairness to Kramnik his sponsor went bankrupt. This slowed the organization of the Kramnik vs. Leko match. Leko won the right to challenge for the title, by winning at Dortmund in 2002. So it has only been a two year wait. Kramnik had to take matters into his own hands.

   I donít think that the world champion has to be the best player in the world. The Champ should certainly be a very strong top player, hopefully in the top 5.  The champ doesnít have to be the best, itís the process of selecting that should strive to find the best player.  FIDE perfected the process in the mid 1960ís.  There have been points in chess history where the champ was not the best in the world.  Certainly in 1920 Capablanca was stronger than Lasker. In 1936 Alekhine was stronger than Euwe. In 1971 Fischer was stronger than Spassky. I think in 1984 that Kasparov was stronger than Karpov.

  We canít strip Kramnik of the title he won with his great victory over Kasparov.  We also can strip Kasparov of his rights as an ex champion one match removed from his title.

 Kasparov is right to be leery of another 1948 style championship tournament.  There is so much Anti-Kasparov sentiment, that I fear the players would conspire against him.  Thatís what happened to Bobby Fischer in Curacao in 1962.

  I think Kramnik and Kasparov should respect each other and remember that 2 million dollar payday that awaits them.   I think this match up would be very exciting to see again.

  Kramnik is still under Kasparov showdown. Kramnikís reign still gets measured up against Kasparovís reign. This certainly is an unfair comparison. We may never see another greater champion like Kasparov in our life times. Kramnik has a spotty record as a world champion. Petrosian and Spassky did not dominate as world champions either.

 However Kramnik is having a very good year in 2004.  He also is doing a  good job promoting the game.  Should Kramnik retain his title, I would like to see him promote the game around the world. I would  like to see Kramnik visit the US.  As far as 2004 is concerned, Kramnik should get high marks for his tournament results, for promoting the game, and for organizing a world championship match with Peter Leko.  Should Peter Leko beat Kramnik in this match, Peter can hold his head up high, as the 15th Chess World Champion.